Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December Update!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  We've had a busy month.  In math, we finished our unit on comparing numbers and began looking at how to join groups.  We had a lot of fun playing math games that helped us practice joining groups by counting the total number of items.

Spike also left us an ornament to create during our day with no related arts!  We found a sparkly snowflake on our tree, then opened our present to find silver glitter & popsicle sticks so we could make our own.   It was a LOT of fun to create these one of a kind snowflakes!!
On Monday, we celebrated the end of our Gingerbread Unit by making our very own Gingerbread Houses!  Students worked independently to design and decorate their houses and worked to get necessary materials by using their manners!  They did such a good job with asking their neighbors to pass items they couldn't reach and waiting their turn.  

That afternoon, we had Mrs. Frichtl's 2nd grade class join us for Candy Cane Science!  Students worked together to determine of candy canes would sink or float and to compare two flavors of candy canes.  It was a lot of fun and we look forward to more fun projects together!
 We also saw a holiday concert with our CCE Handbell Choir and CCE Chorus!  We have some very talented 4th and 5th grade students!

On Tuesday, we had our Elf Day!!  Spike left us a wonderful present under the tree - Elf Hats!! We saw a wonderful performance of  the Reader's Theater Santa's Cookie Problem" by some of our CCE Staff!  We reviewed graphing with Christmas Tree Brownies, went on a treat walk, and had special Christmas stations!!  It was a fun day of celebrating and learning!

Today we celebrated our last day before break!  We found a clue from Spike & The Gingerbread Man in our classroom.  It was a map showing where he had run off to.  We went on a hunt to find him, visiting many places, but always being one step too late.  When we returned to our classroom, we found a box of Gingerbread Men waiting for us!!  After we ate lunch/brunch, we decorated our Gingerbread Men along with the ornament cookies Miss Couch & Mrs. Best had for us.  We also had some 5th grade challenge students come visit to read with us before we went on a word hunt!  It was a wonderful and festive end to our December.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you Wednesday, January 3, 2018!

Friday, December 1, 2017

A Peek at our Week!

We had a great week in Room 004!  Our elf, Spike, has turned out to be a good and kind elf.  He helped decorate our room by bringing in garland for our Promethean Board and materials to make an ornament for our tree!   We also found a gummy snack hidden in the block center this afternoon!!  He also made friends with our Gamecock bear and will be cheering on Clemson in their game this weekend.

We started a favorite unit this week on The Gingerbread Man!  We have loved hearing a new story every day and comparing how the stories are the same and different, and discussing their characters, settings, and endings.  Each afternoon, ask your student to tell you about the Gingerbread book we read that day! Here are the books we read this week:
These were more closely aligned to the traditional story.  Next week we'll take a look at some stories that have a similar structure, but very different gingerbread characters and settings.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Introducing... Spike!

We found a visitor in our classroom this morning!  We have our very own scout elf, also known as an Elf on the Shelf.  Students found him hiding out in one of our colorful fluffs during morning announcements.  We also found a book he brought to tell us about him.  It was VERY exciting!  We voted and chose to name him Spike.  He seems like he will be good and kind, and will be looking for students who are being good and kind as well.  We hope he has lots of positive things to report back each night! :)

Thanksgiving Feast & Play

Last Tuesday, November 21, we held our 2nd Annual K5 Thanksgiving Feast!   Thank you SO much to all of the families who sent in the parts of our meal to share together.  We sorted our corn, green beans, and macaroni ingredients.  Each teacher cooked one of those items in a crockpot, then we took some to other classes to share.  In return, they gave us some of the food they cooked.  We added that to our pie, rolls, and turkey to complete our meal!  All students sat together in the hallway at our 'table' to eat Thanksgiving together before we prepared for our performance.  They had a great time and it was a wonderful event! 

We were thrilled so many of our families were able to attend our K5 Thanksgiving Play that afternoon.  Students worked hard to learn their songs and were excited to share them with their family and friends.

Real Men Read Fall 2017

Last Monday, November 20, we held our annual Real Men Read event!  We are thankful for Mrs. Dodds, who organizes the event, her volunteers who helped the event run smoothly, and to the gentlemen who visited our classroom and read to us!!   We had a large number of visitors and our students were very polite and well behaved.  Mrs. Best and I were very proud of their manners and loved how engaged they were in the stories we heard.  We were joined first by several dads and uncles from our class:

 Mr. Brett, Houston's Dad
 Mr. Tyler, B's Dad
 Mr. Robbie, Tom's uncle
 Mr. Brian, Jackson's Dad
Mr. Matt, Makensley's Dad

We also had visits from CCE teachers and Greer Community Members:
Mr. Trevor, The Church at Greer Station
Mr. Will, Bishop-Mays, Inc.
Mr. David, The Church at Greer Station
Coach C, CCE PE Teacher
Mr. Adee, K5 Grandparent
Mr. Kimberly, CCE 3rd Grade Teacher

Thank you SO much to everyone who participated in this wonderful event!!

Grandparents Week November 13-17

Chandler Creek celebrated Grandparents Week during lunch the week of November 13.  We were fortunate to have many grandparents and family members visit our students to share a special lunch together at school.  Thank you to all of our family members who dropped by to visit! :)  I tried to email all pictures to parents who listed an email address on back to school forms.  If you did not receive a picture shown below, let me know and I will be happy to share!

Friday, October 27, 2017

SC Reading Challenge Celebration!

On Friday, October 27, CCE celebrated all of our students who participated in the SC READS "Read Your Way to the Big Game" Reading Challenge!   All students were given a red or orange reading log (aligned to their choice of South Carolina or Clemson) and students who completed and returned reading logs to school by Wednesday, October 18 received a ticket to the reading celebration.  They got to have their face or hand painted to match their team of choice AND they got to meet the Clemson Tiger!  The Tiger arrived just as we were leaving lunch, so many of our students were able to greet him before we left.  It was a VERY exciting for CCE!  Thank you to all of our students who participated in this fun event!!

(As close to a group picture as I could get in the cafeteria!)