Monday, December 3, 2018

A New Arrival...

Today we found a new arrival in our classroom... a Scout Elf from Santa!  We voted and named him Peppermint Jingle Chandler, and we will call him Peppermint.  :)  We found him on our calendar today holding a green marker, then we found a special message from him and a book for us tucked away on the easel!  We hope we can make lots of good choices for Peppermint to report back!

Students have been SUPER excited about our Gingerbread Unit!  Here are the books we read last week.  We read a new version of the Gingerbread story each day, ask your student to tell you about it each night!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Feast

We celebrated our 3rd Annual K5 Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, November 20!  It was a fun event with each class of students bringing in part of our feast to share with our school family.  Teachers cooked the food and shared with each class, then we took our plates and sat down with ALL of our K5 friends to have our Thanksgiving Meal!  We hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours.  :)    We are so grateful for our students, families, and CCE!

Grandparents Week!

We celebrated Grandparents Week at CCE November 12-16!  It was a busy week with lots of grandparents and loved ones coming to enjoy lunch with students (and a trip to the book fair!).  We loved meeting each and every family member who dropped by!  Thank you SO much for coming to visit and making memories with our students!

Miss Bailey

We have been fortunate to have Miss Bailey visit us each Tuesday this semester!  Bailey is a junior at North Greenville and completed her Fall Practicum in our classroom.  Students enjoyed working with her and loved having her teach a few lessons too!  Bailey joined us for our Greer field trip and came by to surprise us and visit our Thanksgiving Feast!  Her official last day was last Tuesday, but we would welcome her back anytime. 

Monday, November 12, 2018


On Thursday, November 11 we took a community field trip around Greer!  We had a great time exploring as we were introduced to goods and services (which we will revisit later this year) and learned more about our community helpers.  We began our day at Ingles!  We had a delicious sample of whipped cream from Starbucks and set off on a tour of the store.  We visited the floral area, bakery, produce, and fresh food area before exploring the various departments.  Ms. Cindy taught us about bar codes and how she uses them  to order more food as needed.  We got to see the meat department weigh turkeys and package ground beef and visited the "can tab" aisle with all the many kids of soft drinks (and can tabs!).  Next we got to go 'behind the scenes' to see inventory, the coolers, and saw how the machine bales boxes together to be recycled!  We were treated to a complimentary re-usable shopping bag on our way out.  It was a great experience and a wonderful place to shop!

Next we traveled to Greer City Park!  We had a fun fall picnic lunch and enjoyed the amazing playground!  After lunch, we walked to the Greer Fire Department.  Greer Police helped us cross the street and it felt like a mini parade just for us!  During our visit to the Fire Department, we learned about "Stop, Drop, and Roll" and got to see and hear a fireman in his turnout gear.  We learned how his gear keeps him safe, and if we hear that wheezing sound, that is the air mask (which means they are close by to help save us!).  The firemen also gave us our very own fire hats!  They took us on a tour of the station, we saw their living area and the fire pole!  They showed us how to slide down, but said we had to go to the fire academy if we wanted to try it.  After we finished, we got to climb in a real fire truck! 

Last we went over to the police station.  We were presented with our very own sticker badges and walked around to see the offices.  Police officers have to do a lot of paperwork.  We got to take our picture with the 2 police officers and their patrol car when we finished!

After a little down time, the bus picked us up and we ended our day with a popsicle to celebrate our great day! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Room 004 Update!

Hello!  Our school year is cruising right along!  October went by in a flash and we are now entering November and the holiday season.  Here are a few of our favorite things from the last few weeks:

Red Ribbon Week and Voting!
We celebrated Red Ribbon Week October 29 - Nov. 2.  Each class created a Drug Free themed cape to hang outside of each classroom.  We graphed our votes on several designs and made a Ninja Turtle themed cape!  Our slogan was "Room 004 says YES to pizza and NO to drugs!"  Each student created a pizza to go on our cape.  Students also enjoyed dressing as their favorite super hero as we said NO to drugs!  We also talked about elections and voting and held our own class election after reading Duck for President to decide if Farmer Brown or Duck would be the best person to run the farm.

Earlier last week we also celebrated Pumpkin Day!  We had a few wonderful volunteers come in to help us be Pumpkin Scientists and explore pumpkins first hand.  We also had a pumpkin flavored taste test snack, build haunted houses for our ghosts, and graphed Autumn Mix candy!  It was a very fun day!!

Our PTA hosted a wonderful Black Cat Ball on Friday, Oct. 26!  It was a great time for students, staff, and families to come together to laugh, mingle, and dance.  We had 9 students from our class attend!!  We were SO excited to see each other outside of the classroom! 
Stay tuned for more frequent updates about what we are learning and more special events!  :)

Sunday, September 9, 2018

A Peek at our last three weeks!

Hello and Happy Sunday!  We have been busy, busy, busy learning how to play and work with so many new classmates!  Our class now has 27 students - some of us have been to preschool, some have been to K4, some have been at daycare, and some are entering school for the first time!  There are so many new things to learn about sitting on the carpet, raising our hand, taking turns, working together, using materials appropriately, and walking down the hall.  We have enjoyed whole group reading, writing, and math lessons, working with table centers, and working in math stations!  We've practiced using scissors, started our math journals, and did a fun science experiment called Walking Water!  Students have LOVED exploring our playground for outside recess and our gross motor play area in the theater for indoor recess!  We hope to open our inquiry & exploration centers in our classroom this week once we are better able to stop work and clean up our materials in a timely manner (it's tough to stop working when you are having fun!).

This is a great activity you can do at home!  We read the book Mouse Paint where mice played in different colors of paint, which then blended to form a new color!  We tried blending the colors in class to see if this could really happen.  Fill 6 clear cups with water, adding 3-4 drops of red, blue, and yellow food coloring to 2 cups each.  Pull pairs together (red & blue, red & yellow, and yellow & blue) with an empty cup.  Place half of a paper towel (folded up long and skinny) into each cup of colored water, with the opposite end going into the empty cup.  Soon, you will see the water "walking" up the paper towel and moving into the empty cup.  As the two colors blend, you will see what color they create! 

We hope you can join us for Open House tomorrow and check out our classroom!  A parent meeting for IB will begin at 6:00, followed by a brief PTA meeting, then ending with 2 sessions to visit teachers and student classrooms.  The evening will conclude at 7:30.