Saturday, October 12, 2013

Solids and Liquids!

Students recently finished a unit on Matter, focusing on solids and liquids.  They performed experiments daily to determine the properties of solids and liquids.  Here is what we found out about solids: they have a shape, they have color, they can roll and/or stack, they can be magnetic or not magnetic, they have a texture (ex: smooth or rough), they can be shiny or dull, they can sink or float, and they can form a mixture and can later be taken apart.   We also found out that liquids: do not have a shape, can be transparent (see through) or opaque (not see through), have a color, can sink or float, can move fast or slow, can be thick or thin, and can form a mixture but cannot be separated.

Here are a few pictures from our experiments.

Sink and Float

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