Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Peek At Our Week! 9.21.2014

Hello again!  We have had a busy month so far!!  In our IB Unit we have been learning a lot about ourselves and our classroom friends.  Last Friday, we discussed qualities of a good friend and made an anchor chart displaying them.  Next, each quality was given to a bowl of fruit.  Then we discussed each quality as we added into our fruit salad!  Students were excited to think of the many different ways to be a good friend.  We also discussed what NOT to do - unkind words and actions are like a rotten banana.  No one wants to eat a rotten banana, especially in a delicious & fresh fruit salad!

Fruit Salad 1 Fruit Salad 2Fruit Salad 3

On Tuesday, September 16, CCE had our first PTA Skate Night!  Mrs. Shirk and I enjoyed skating with several students who were able to come.  We hope that we will have even more students to skate with in October!  Watch the newsletter to see when our next Skate Night will be.

Skate Night Sept

This Friday, September 18 we tried a new type of activity... writing the room!  Students practice identifying upper and lowercase letters and how to write them by searching & finding them around our classroom and tracing them on their paper.  Students focused on the task, were diligent in their work, and had a great time!!

BB Write the Room

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