Sunday, December 14, 2014

A peek at our week... Dec. 8-12

We had a great rest of the week!  After our last Elfie update on Monday, he got creative with his hiding places (and I forgot to take pictures!).  We found him making friends with the kangaroo on our refrigerator, hanging out with Clifford on top of the bookshelf, and sitting with the owl on our cabinets!  He hid another book for us to find in our library center, Georgie the Gingerbread Fairy, which we have really enjoyed reading, hid Christmas erasers in our Christmas tree, and left a surprise present in our room on Thursday!  Elfie thought we were being really good, so we surprised us with activity books and crayons while we were at recess!  We worked on our class letter to Santa that we'll leave for Elfie to take back to him and finished our unit on numbers 11-20.  We will continue to review numbers, as well as other skills learned since school began, this week along with finishing our unit on American Symbols.  We have a few more people to discuss this week.  Don't forget we have a pajama day on Friday as we celebrate our Grinch Day!  Please make sure students wear real shoes and that pajamas are dress code and weather appropriate (highs are forecasted to be in the low 50's).

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