Monday, December 8, 2014

Elfie Updates

Elfie has been quite busy since my last update!  On Thursday, we found him sitting with our Berenstain Bear family.   We also found a book he hid for us in our library center!  He brought us Turkey Claus, which we have really enjoyed!  On Friday, he watched us from the very front of the room... and it was the day we had our best  behavior!  Elfie sat on our flag pole and brought us a glittery, red star for the top of our tree!!  Today we found him with Clifford on top of the bookshelf... and he was very sneaky over the weekend!  He snuck into Miss Couch's computer and changed the background to a picture of himself!  To quote one of our students... "Miss Couch!  Elfie took a selfie!!"

On Friday, we made Grinch ornaments to put on our Christmas tree that Elfie brought us!  We had fun stuffing our ornaments full of feathers and gluing on a heart... just like the grinch!  Each student will be bringing their ornament home at Chrismtas break.  One of our other Christmas updates is our kindness charts on the fridge!  Everyone has a Grinch, and we learned from the book that his heart was two sizes too small.  His heart starting growing as he did kind things, so we have really been trying to do kind things for others and acknowledge those who do kind things for us!  Each time we share something kind someone has done, that person gets a heart for their Grinch.  We're getting much better at telling things that others have done for us instead of what we have done for others.

Elfie Dec. 4 groupElfie Dec. 5 groupElfie Dec. 8

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