Monday, February 16, 2015

Transportation Fair

On Thursday, February 5, we were very fortunate to have a variety of people from our local and extended community come out with vehicles of all sizes for our annual K5 Transportation Fair!  Students were able to talk about the jobs associated with the vehicles when applicable, and learn about the specific qualities of each vehicle!  We were able to see "Tweels" & KO2 tires from Michelin, a Charter production truck, limousine, concrete truck, fire engine, street sweeper, power truck, vacuum truck, knuckle boom truck, and enjoyed shaved ice from the Kona Ice Truck!  We are so appreciative of those people who took the time to spend their morning with us!



We also enjoyed watching Youtube videos to learn more about Tweels and KO2 tires after we saw them in person.  The links are below if you want to learn about them as well!


KO2 Takes On Gravity

KO2 Behind the Scenes

Tweel Comparison

(We saw Tweels on a test car.  They are only used on tractors and lawn mowers at the present time with the public).

Bonus: Tweels & John Deere

(I haven't shown this one in class yet!)


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