Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

March 2 is Dr. Seuss' birthday and is often celebrated along with Read Across America Week!  We had a lot of fun celebrating Dr. Seuss and his many fabulous books today.  Mrs. Shirk and I had a little fun too.

First we read Ten Apples Up on Top and did a "Making 10" addition activity with apples.

Next, we reviewed our -at family by making -at family hats after reading The Cat in the Hat!

We enjoyed a rhyming rebus reader and learning more about Dr. Seuss as a child during our  reading block.  And last was our favorite... Green Eggs and Ham!  After reading the book, students helped me count out 23 eggs (one for each person) and then they each dropped in a drop of green food coloring!  (This is an activity you SHOULD try at home!) While they went to work writing about where they would be eating their eggs, I set off to cook scrambled eggs for 23.  Once students finished writing from a location of their choice around the room, they each got to enjoy a special snack of green eggs and ham!

We have a lot more Dr. Seuss books to read and look forward to enjoying more books this week and all month!  Dr. Seuss has many wonderful books that are perfect for children who are just beginning to read since they incorporate many sight words and rhyming words.

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