Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hello, Spring!

This was a fun and exciting week in our class!  In between learning about place value and the -ot & -op word families, we finished our IB Unit: Survival 123!  With this unit, we did a case study on a pond, learning about the habitat, including the plants and animals that live there.  During the unit, students did a home project to research one animal that lives in a pond habitat.  As a class, we created a pond mural.  Students gave opinions on what the pond should look like, created  the animal that he/she researched, and created plant life!  We spent time on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning creating and putting the pieces together.  Each student decided where in the habitat their animal should go, placed it, and made a label for it.  Here is our finished product!

We have also been observing the butterfly life cycle!  We received newly hatched caterpillars, and observed them every couple of days to watch how they grew, moved, and eventually transformed.  Students drew pictures and recorded observations in their "Butterfly Journals".  They made their chrysalis' just before we left for Spring Break and hatched just before we returned from school.  After observing them fly around their cage, we released them on a sunny afternoon this past Wednesday.  Several immediately flew off, but two brave butterflies remained on some of the clover flowers and let us watch them up close.  It was very exciting!!

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