Friday, August 28, 2015

Week of August 24-28

Happy Friday!  We've had a GREAT full week of school this week!  We had a successful fire drill, celebrated another birthday, and gained a new student!  We now have 24 students in our class.  Our class has continued to work on procedures (raising our hand, taking turns, etc) and on using our school tools (crayons, glue, scissors, etc).  We have enjoyed our daily color poems this week and practicing our scissor skills by searching for pictures for each color in magazines for our class color collage, practicing our names by spelling and counting our letters, reading books, and learning about the letters A - E by searching for them in nursery rhymes.  Some work came home today with students, some is in progress, and other projects are hanging in our classroom or hallway.  Try to ask your student about something they enjoyed each day we come to school!

Blue Day

 Yellow Day

Green Day

 Orange Day

A Peek at our Week!

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