Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A visit from Miss Julie!

On Thursday, September 10, we had a visit from Miss Julie!  Miss Julie is a friend of Miss Couch's from France who was visiting friends in the United States.  She just finished a trip around the world and ended with a visit to Greenville, SC (and to our classroom!).  Miss Julie was excited to see what an American school was like and enjoyed spending the day in Kindergarten!  We got to show her our school and playground, celebrated her during our name cycle, and showed her one of our favorite activities, GoNoodle!  Miss Julie showed us a globe and how to find France and the United States.  She also told us about her family, her niece & nephew who are in kindergaren and preschool in France, and a few new French words.  She also taught us different ways to greet people that are customary in France.  It was a fun visit and a wonderful learning experience!!

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