Monday, September 28, 2015

Apple Fun and A peek at our week!

We had a great time exploring our sense of taste on Thursday by exploring different flavors of apples!  In preparation for our (rescheduled) field trip to the apple orchard, each student was given a slice of 3 different colors of apple.  We tasted each one, then finished eating the apples we enjoyed.  Next, each student colored an apple to represent our favorite flavor and brought it to the carpet where we discussed the flavors (sweet & sour) and made a graph!  We were excited that the same number of students like red and green apples, with yellow apples having the smallest amount.  We then used our favorite apple flavor to make one our first writing pieces.  Students used sight words and color words to build the first part of their sentence. We also talked about how to find words we need, and found the word "apples" on our big book from our reading lesson to finish our sentence.  It was an exciting way to activate our writing block which we are continuing this week.  It was also a great time to discuss that we are all learning and it is okay for our writing to look different as we learn.

Students have also enjoyed beginning our workshops!  Workshops are the time in our day where students go to different areas to work in small groups.  Students see me for literacy activities (and later this will be our reading groups), they work in pairs on partner games, play individual math games, read picture books and emergent readers, work with student names from our class, and work on math and literacy activities of their choosing.  The past two weeks have been easier activities as we adjusted to switching around and cleaning up, but this week we began going to 3 workshops a day and all are math, literacy, or inquiry based!  It is a very fun time in our classroom that students really enjoy!  

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