Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Peek at our Week: Math Fun!

This week we began our first unit on addition!  We began with the basics - joining 2 groups together. Students used various manipulatives to model as we told addition stories.  Pictured below is our lesson using bear counters.  Students drew an addition mat with a tree, grass, and a cave.  Next, we took turns telling stories with the bears.  Ex: I went for a walk in the woods and saw 2 bears playing the grass.  Then I saw 1 bear in a cave.  How many bears did I see in all?  Students were able to move the bears to the locations on the math mat, visually see the 2 groups of bears, then count the total number!  You could do a similar activity with toys you have a home!

In Workshops, students have been reviewing numbers 0-10.  One fun way we are doing this is by using items found at our local Dollar Tree: an ice cube tray and ping pong balls!  Students are using ping pong balls (Halloween eyes) as manipulatives and the ice cube tray as a ten frame (5 spaces on the top and the bottom).  This is a fun way to encourage students to practice math skills (and they don't even realize they are doing work!).  This was an idea found on Pinterest that could easily be done at home as well.  What are some items you have at home that could turn into a math game?

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