Saturday, October 10, 2015

Health and Wellness Week at CCE

We had a great time celebrating Health and Wellness Week!  We had Move-It Monday (filled with LOTS of GoNoodling!), Thirsty Tuesday, iWalk Wednesday (celebrating National Walk to School Day), Brain Break Bonanza Thursday (even MORE GoNoodling!), and Fresh Fruit Friday (complete with a Healthy Pep Rally!).  Thank you to everyone who sent in water, snacks, came to walk, and helped your students participate!!

For Thirsty Tuesday, we decorated water bottles and kept them with us ALL day!

On iWalk Wednesday, we walked (and ran) around the track at GHS.  We had fun music and warm sun to encourage us!  We also had a few special guests come walk with us!

On Friday, some of the GHS football team, cheer squad, and drum line game to CCE for a Pep Rally!  They talked with us and explained how important it was to be healthy and strong as athletes and how being active helped them do well in school!  We had a competition between K5, 1st, and 2nd grade teachers to see who could pack the healthiest lunch in the shortest amount of time (Congraulations, Mrs. Frictl in 1st grade!).  Students also got the chance to play a game to guess which item had the least amount of sugar.  Mrs. Stafford had baggies with the sugar amounts measured out for us to see (oh my!).  We ended our Pep Rally by dancing our way back to class!

We also had some yummy fresh fruit for our snack!  Students got to sample a banana, apples, grapes, and dried pineapple.  Our apples were even sliced into spirals!  Thank you to everyone who came out in their sports/team apparel!

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