Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Peek at our Week... and Pumpkin Day!

We had a great week!  Students look forward to our workshop time each day!  Students are put into groups of 2-4 students and rotated to 3 of our 8 Workshops each day!  Workshop activities include literacy, math, IB, crafts, and technology activities!  Picture below are students practicing numbers and reading on our RAZ-Kids app!  We enjoyed a new GoNoodle video, Mr. Bones, when we needed to get our wiggles out!  We also got to play with our food! :)  One of our snacks this week was Scabble, Jr. Cheez-It crackers.  Students enjoyed getting to build our popcorn words with the letters they had in their snack!

We had 3 students from our class enter the Pumpkin Decorating contest.  Students submitted a Princess, the Rainbow Fish, and a Canoe - all from some of their favorite books!  We enjoyed viewing all the pumpkins that were entered and are proud of their hard work!!

On Friday, October 30, we had our Pumpkin Day!  Students got a first-hand experience in all things pumpkin.  Each student had a packet and investigated the size of their group pumpkin, what it felt like, what shapes we would use for the face, and estimated how many seeds they would pull out!  After each student getting seeds, we came together to carve a white pumpkin and discussed how it would be the same/different from the orange pumpkins.  Later that day, students used their pumpkin seeds to model addition problems!  For snack, we tasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin tortilla chips, and pumpkin fluff dip in addition to pumpkin juice and pumpkin butter!  This week we will incorporate our experiences into our writing activities.  Thank you to all of the parents who made these wonderful experiences possible!

 **Can you see the difference in the orange pumpkin seeds & white pumpkin seeds?**

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