Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Peek at our Week! December 17, 2015

Whew!  It has been a busy week in Room 004!!  On Friday, we found Rocky sitting with our American flag.  This was exciting since it is one of the American Symbols we have been learning about.  It was also exciting because he was holding a beautiful snowflake ornament.  Much to our surprise, he left a gift for us while we were at lunch - filled with the supplies we needed to make ornaments of our own!

On Monday, I got to share that our Donor's Choose project "Nuts about Numbers" had been fully funded!  Our materials arrived and we began using them this week as we began our unit on measurement!  We received math trays, Unifix cubes, counting activities, weighted numbers, and 2 types of balances thanks to several generous donors.

We also found a surprise from Rocky.  He made himself a chair out of our crayon boxes... and gave us all NEW crayons!  We also had a scare.  He fell out of his chair when we got out some stickers for great work (they were peppermint flavored, after all).  Thankfully, Mrs. Best caught him before he hit anything major.

On Tuesday, he was still a bit sore from his fall, so he had to rest.
By Wednesday, Rocky was feeling better.  He had a great view of our classroom from on top of our  cabinet with his friends the Berenstain Bears.  We found a new book under the Christmas tree from his as well.  Mrs. Dodds, our Assistant Principal, stopped by for a visit and took time to read our new book with us.  It was a special treat!

Today Rocky came back to watch over us on top of our projector.  We were surprised to find a mess on our carpet this morning (pencils and name tags just laying in the floor), but were excited to find that he dumped out a pencil box to fill it with new pencils under the tree!!  Each student got a brand new Christmas pencil to work with.  It made doing our work SO much fun!

Now we are eagerly waiting for the fun that Rudolph Day will bring tomorrow!  Check back soon for an update.

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