Friday, December 4, 2015

A Peek at our Week! December 4, 2015

We had a great end to our busy week!

First, a Rocky update.  Yesterday, he brought us a new Christmas book for our library - Merry Christmas, Curious George!

Today he left us a warning... we've been a little too talkative this week, and Rocky has noticed.  Luckily, when we returned from lunch, we found 2 presents under our tree!  Rocky had an ornament hanging with him this morning, and he gave us the materials to make one as well!!

 Aside from our Elf fun, we have also been enjoying The Gingerbread Man!  Each day we read a different version of the story, then compare and contrast the characters, settings, and endings of each story.  It's definitely a favorite activity in our room.  Ask your student to see which is his/her favorite so far!  We'll continue reading variations of the Gingerbread Man story for the next 2 weeks.  Pictured below are the titles of what we have read so far...

Last, here is a look at some of our activities this week!  Students have enjoyed reviewing their 3D shapes in our block exploration center, reviewed teen numbers with Play-doh mats and by making a Christmas Countdown Chain, we are working on sight words in one of our literacy centers, and we FINALLY got outside to enjoy a little sunshine for recess.  Have a great weekend!

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