Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rocky Update 12/10/15

Whew!  We have had a much better week since our warning on Monday!!  Students have been engaged and learning while Rocky has been bringing nice notes and treats!

On Tuesday, Rocky was a little naughty (oh, my!).  He touched Miss Couch's computer without permission and put a selfie as the background.  Silly Rocky~

On Wednesday, we found him hanging out in our Job Chart AND he brought us new pencil toppers!

Today we found him perched on our bookshelf.  It was a good place for him to see the whole class!  We were excited to find a gift under the tree with our nice notes.  When we unwrapped it, we saw that he gave us a brand new book, Froggy's Best Christmas!

We are so thankful that Rocky is a kind and thoughtful elf!

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