Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rudolph Day!

Merry Christmas!  We had a great Rudolph Day last Friday.  We began our day by watching a Rudolph play performed by some of our talented CCE teachers.  It even had a sing-a-long at the end!
Next, we made our own reindeer antlers and took our official Christmas photo (and had a little fun too!)

 After while we were working, Mrs. Best and a helper were putting a few more things in our Christmas goodie bags.  We found a gift that Rocky left behind for us!!  He hid this one pretty well.  We got an Elf on the Shelf movie (which we got to watch during lunch) and Rudolph band-aids!
 After lunch, we each made our very own reindeer portraits!  We thought it would be hard, but we drew our reindeer step by step and realized that it was quite simple.  
Then it was time for our visit to the Reindeer Diner to make our Reindeer food (to put out on Christmas Eve) and for our 'sleigh ride'!  CCE decorated our hallways with hoof prints which we followed around to get our bag of goodies. We also met a new furry friend along the way!
 Last, after watching our Rudolph movie, it was time for our special snack!!  Everything was Reindeer themed... Reindeer water, Reindeer pudding, Rudolph's nose (Babybel cheese), and Reindeer food (carrots & trail mix).  
It was definitely a fun-filled day!  I hope your Christmas break is just as fun and exciting as Rudolph day was for us! :)

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