Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 Transportation Fair

On Friday, February 26 we held our annual K5 Transportation Fair!  We had a lot of support from parents, families, and community members as they brought vehicles to CCE for our students to learn about and explore!  It was a cool and breezy morning, but that didn't contain the excitement in our students!  We got to explore a fire truck, 1940's truck, old military truck, dump trucks, a pest control truck, a power truck, a street sweeper, a vacuum truck, a knuckle boom truck (picks up debris with the claw), a full size limousine, residential and commercial trash trucks, a K-9 police SUV, a personal RV, a crane (which flew an American flag), a mint condition Trans Am, a John Deer tractor, a convertible, a fishing boat, a 4-wheeler with a trailer, and the Kona Ice truck!  We had some local celebrities from our class as Emma and Davis welcomed family members with some very cool vehicles!

 A sampling of the vehicles we got to learn about!

 We enjoyed seeing the Knuckle Boom truck in action picking up sticks, had a blast feeding leaves to the vacuum truck, learned about safety features with the power truck, and enjoyed a Kona Ice from the Kona Truck!

 We also saw demonstrations of dump trucks and a residential trash truck, had fun getting on the 4 wheeler and trailer, explored a commercial trash dumpster that travels on a truck, and saw under the hood of a Trans Am.

We saw 2 different residential trash trucks, explored in the RV, sat in the limo, and got to test the siren and meet Boss the K-9 through his partition in the police SUV.

We learned about a very cool feature of the dump trucks involving their tires (ask your student!), learned why there is a top on the back of the pest control van (and met Charlotte, the tarantula), and got to explore the fishing boat!

 We also met several local firemen to taught us about fire safety, tools on the fire truck, and showed us what we look like in a thermal image!

It was a VERY fun and exciting day!  We are so thankful for those individuals and businesses that took their time to spend with us to help us learn.

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