Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy Spring!

Spring is flying by!  It is hard to believe that we are in mid-April.  We have many things left to do this school year and it is a busy time for families as well.  Since we returned from Spring Break, we have been finishing up our IB Unit Sharing the Planet by learning about the lifecycles of plants and animals as well as creating our Pond Mural!  We are currently proud parents to 20 caterpillars!  We received them right after Spring Break and have been writing down our observations as they have grown over the last week.  It is really exciting when we see them move and crawl around.  Soon they will be in their chrysalis!  We are also growing grass, though we don't have any pictures of that experiment just yet.

We are excited for you to see our Pond Mural in person when you come in for student-led IB Conferences on Monday!  Each student chose an animal, researched that animal with their family, and created the animal in class.  We made our mural together, discussing where each animal needed to be placed and why.  It was a large, but fun, project!

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