Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Peek At Our Week! August 22-26

We had a GREAT full week of school for our 2nd week together!  We began our Color Days, which help us learn routines, early reading skills, and how to use our scissors.

We also began Math Stations.  Each day we do a mini lesson on our current skill together, then break into 5 independent or teacher led groups where students work on a specific activity to practice our current skill, review a previous skill, or work on a lesson with Miss Couch.  Math Stations will continue all year and will change every few weeks with our units.  Students go to one group each day and will rotate through all groups each week.
Students also completed our first hallway display!  Each student chose a face, t-shirt, and hair color and created a self-portrait.  Then, they sequenced the letters in their name on their t-shirt.  To complete the activity, we did a guided writing with the sentence "I am (name)."  This is a favorite activity to save to compare to the work and writing your students will be completing at the end of kindergarten!
Check back next week to see more of what we are learning about with our name cycle and letter cycle activities!

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