Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Peek at our Week! September 6 - 9

This short week went by in a flash!  We celebrated our first student birthday with a GoNoodle Birthday Boogie (quickly becoming a favorite tradition along with the Happy Friday song!), got to take our 3rd complete Box Top sheet to music and celebrated what makes each of us unique with our All About Me Bags.  Students were so excited to share their bags!  We learned a lot about each other and found some things we have in common with our classmates as well.  These pictures, along with a dictation of what students told about themselves, will be one of our first artifacts in our IB Notebooks!  If your student is still collecting items for his/her bag, please send them this week.

Mrs. Fernander has been very excited to receive 3 sheets of Box Tops from our class!  Each student received a Box Top paper in the yellow folder during Meet the Teacher.  Various household items contain "Box Top" coupons on the packaging that you can cut out and stick on the Box Top sheet.  When you fill the sheet up, send it to school and we will send a new sheet home!  For more information about the Box Top program, click here.  For a complete list of participating items and brands, click here.

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