Friday, December 2, 2016

Jingles Day 4 & 5

Happy Friday!  We are so lucky to have our elf Jingles!  He is a nice and kind elf.  On Thursday, we found him perched in a Crayola chair on top of our cabinet and he left us a gift (a new book!) under the tree.  On Friday, we found Jingles snuggled with our Reindeer with a new ornament on our tree.  Later that day, when we returned from related arts, we found a present from Jingle by the tree.  He gave us supplies to make ornaments of our very own!!  We had a great time making our ornaments and singing as we ended our day.

In other news, this week we have been working on our next writing display.  On Monday, we learned all about reindeer!  The rest of the week was spent working on a reindeer writing and craft for our hallway display.  Students also had the opportunity to practice their opinion writing skills!  We are doing a great job of sounding out our words and using our popcorn words!!  One of our favorite ways to writ this time of year is by our "fire" with our Christmas lights (see picture above).  It's a great way to enjoy the season with a little classical Christmas music

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