Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jingles Update & Candy Cane Science!

This has been a very fun week in Room 004!  Jingles returned once again and surprised us by popping up all around our classroom!  He also left pencils and erasers in our crayon boxes and notes for a few special students on the tree. 

We enjoyed a few fun activities as well as we approached Christmas break.  We reviewed beginning sounds (using our new pencils!), searched the room for teen numbers, independently followed directions to make our own reindeer, practiced popcorn words and learned about winter from our Scholastic News booklet. 
On Thursday, we were excited to have friends from Mrs. Chatfield's 4th Grade class join us for Candy Cane Science!  Students from each class paired up to find out if candy canes would sink or float and explored candy canes using their five senses!  Our 4th grade friends were excellent guides during the activity and really helped our students understand by discussing their observations.  We look forward to future collaborations with our new 4th grade friends this year!

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