Wednesday, February 8, 2017

100th Day of School!

We celebrated 100 days of learning and fun last Tuesday, January 31st!  It is hard to believe we are over half way to 1st grade. :)  Counting to 100 is a big standard in K5, so we had a lot of practice.  First, students were SO excited about their capes you made at home!  Mrs. Mills made one too!  They were so proud to wear them and share what items that chose to put on their capes.  We also showed them off during our 1st Annual 100th Day Parade!  The whole school lined the hallway and cheered as they watched our K5 students show off their festive capes. In class, we worked on an interactive 100th Day sentence, wrote about what we would do if we were 100 years old (currently on display in the hallway outside of our classroom), created an art project using the number 100, made necklaces after counting out 100 Froot Loops, built structures using 100 blocks, counted out 100 stamps in our stamp book, made a snack using 100 pieces of food (10 pieces of 10 different foods) and danced to our favorite 'count to 100' songs on GoNoodle!  It was a great day in Room 004!

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