Sunday, August 27, 2017

Happy 1st Week!

We had a WONDERFUL first week together!  We spent a lot of time going over routines and procedures, since having 24 students & 2 teachers in 1 classroom is quite different than having a much smaller family in a multi-room home.  Students took a tour of the school looking for Pete the Cat - we saw a lot of places, but we never found him.  We did a lot of discussing and practicing how to: share common materials, be responsible for our personal materials, and using kind, positive, and encouraging words with our friends.  We had great conversations about how much we will learn in kindergarten, how we will practice a lot in kindergarten and how we always try our best, even when something may seem hard.  We talked about our actions and the consequences they have along with learning we can't always play with our classmates they way we play with siblings or friends at home.  We will continue these discussions as we approach some early content this week as well.  I hope to begin our baseline data collection to see where students are when they entered our room so we can watch their growth over the year.  We will also begin some emergent readers with our Color Days while reviewing how to be responsible with our materials.  Our class is enthusiastic, inquisitive, and LOVES to read!  That may be my favorite things so far.  I love that when we finish a story, multiple students ask to hear another one or request to read a book again on a different day.  Here are a few pictures from our first week together.  I also included a picture with some of the books we read - students may enjoy looking for these in our local library.  :)

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