Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Quick Update

Hi there!  I hope everyone is dry and safe after a wet & windy two days out of school.  Our school fared well, but there were others who had trees down and experienced a loss of power.  I hope to see all of our smiling faces back in our classroom very soon!  I wanted to send a reminder to those who may have sold fundraiser items to bring your tickets when we return to school!  Please give them to the volunteer just inside the K5 entrance to earn your Stackimal!  These are quickly becoming a big hit in our classroom! You have until Sept. 26 to continue selling items to raise money for our school.  Items and additional prizes you may earn may be picked up from school on Thursday, Oct. 19.  This is a teacher workday. 
We had our first visit to the library on Friday!  We kept our books at school the first week to practice caring for them responsibly.  We also want to show students that they must return their book in order to check out a new book next week.  I also caught a few students having fun with their snack!  Math is a great concept to practice almost anywhere - these students found that rainbow goldfish are perfect for creating patterns!   What materials can you find at home to practice with? 

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