Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dot Day 2017

On Friday, September 15 we celebrated International Dot Day!  International Dot Day is based on the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  It is an encouraging book about trying your best and not giving up.  Students enjoyed reading the book and creating their very own dots using the Quiver app!  You can download the Quiver app on your smart phone or tablet for free to see the 3D dots (a.k.a. spheres!) at home too!  We also read the book Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews and created pictures using dots.  Look for this project to be showcased in our classroom later next week.  At the end of the day we were surprised with a Dot Day snack of Cheese Balls (always a favorite!) & Sweetart Mini Chewy candies.  It was a fun day of positive thinking, encouragement, and finding dots (and spheres) all around us! :)

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