Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mouse Paint

Each Thursday we have the opportunity to do something special in our classroom since we do not attend related arts on this day.  Each month we have a guidance lesson one Thursday, some weeks we will have extra workshop rotations, and some weeks we will do a special activity or project.  This was a project week!  This week we followed up our unit on color words by reading Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  The story follows three mice who each get covered in red, blue, or yellow paint and teaches about color mixing.  After reading the story, we decided to test the book with a "Walking Water" experiment!  We gathered plastic punch cups of water that were tinted with food coloring and recreated each of the color pairing in the books.  We put paper towels in the cups and led them over the edge to an empty cup to collect the water.  Next, students observed as the water "walked" through the paper towels and into the empty cups!  They were amazed the water changed colors just as the paint did.  This is a great experiment to try at home too.  :)

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