Thursday, October 5, 2017

Creepy Carrots!

As I have mentioned before, Thursday is our day without related arts.  The day will look different each week and this week it was a special treat!  We were excited to have Mrs. Dodds, one of our assistant principals, read with us!  She brought Creepy Carrots, written by Aaron Reynolds, to share with us.  It is a GREAT book!!  
 It is also a great story to review characters and setting, a skill we have been working on during our literacy block.  After a review lesson, students had a special project - to create their very own creepy carrots!  Each student was given several pieces of paper in various colors and sizes with the simple direction to create their own, unique creepy carrot. 
They LOVED adding their own style to each and every creepy carrot!!  We ended up with a very creative creepy carrot patch!


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