Tuesday, October 24, 2017

#JustaChicken Author Visit

On Tuesday, October 24, Chandler Creek welcomed Langston Moore and Preston Thorne to our school!  These former Gamecock Football athletes are the authors of the wonderful children's book #JustaChicken.  The book follows a rooster who is feeling down because he is #justachicken and thinks he could never be as good as his friends.  He points out all of their positive traits and is encouraged as they point out his positive traits too.  While it is set with SEC style mascot characters, the message in this book transfers to any team and any individual.  Mr. Moore & Mr. Thorne led a very engaging reading workout pep rally while reviewing key literacy skills, building character, and inspiring students to read. #readingworkout #justachicken #readbooks  http://justachickenthebook.com/

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