Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Transportation Fair 2017

Last Friday, October 6th, was deemed "The Best Day Ever" by many of our students!  In addition to our PTA Pizza Party, K5 held our annual Transportation Fair!  We are so thankful for the support of our friends, families, and community for participating in this annual event so our students have the opportunity for authentic learning as we kick-off our next IB Unit How We Organize Ourselves.  During this unit we will be looking at communities, vehicles, past vs. present, and maps. 

 The City of Greer brought their lawn mower, knuckleboom truck, and street sweeper truck.
 Students were able to meet soldiers & police officers as well as see an Army vehicle, a K-9 unit, and learn about an off road motorcycle.
 Students got to explore a tractor and a tool truck as well as learn about what they are used for.
 Students anxiously awaited their turn to get inside the limo and learn about its special features.
 Several of our family members brought more traditional vehicles that we don't usually see every day- a tractor, a boat, and a convertible.
We also explored a semi-cab.  Students were interested to learn that you can sleep, eat, and watch TV inside.

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