Monday, November 27, 2017

Real Men Read Fall 2017

Last Monday, November 20, we held our annual Real Men Read event!  We are thankful for Mrs. Dodds, who organizes the event, her volunteers who helped the event run smoothly, and to the gentlemen who visited our classroom and read to us!!   We had a large number of visitors and our students were very polite and well behaved.  Mrs. Best and I were very proud of their manners and loved how engaged they were in the stories we heard.  We were joined first by several dads and uncles from our class:

 Mr. Brett, Houston's Dad
 Mr. Tyler, B's Dad
 Mr. Robbie, Tom's uncle
 Mr. Brian, Jackson's Dad
Mr. Matt, Makensley's Dad

We also had visits from CCE teachers and Greer Community Members:
Mr. Trevor, The Church at Greer Station
Mr. Will, Bishop-Mays, Inc.
Mr. David, The Church at Greer Station
Coach C, CCE PE Teacher
Mr. Adee, K5 Grandparent
Mr. Kimberly, CCE 3rd Grade Teacher

Thank you SO much to everyone who participated in this wonderful event!!

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