Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Lake Conestee Nature Park

We traveled to Lake Conestee Nature Park on Wednesday, April 18!  It was a beautiful spring day and the animals were taking advantage of the sunny weather!!  Students enjoyed searching for animals in their habitats, hunting for animal homes along a nature trail, and experiencing nature first hand.  Lake Conestee has multiple trails, a playground, and a dog park.  This would be a fun and free activity to do with your family as well!!  Check out their website at                                                  www.lakeconesteenaturepark.com for more information. 

 Do you see the animal in nature?

 Our nature guide spotted salamander eggs!  They are in a jelly like substance similar to frog eggs.

 Can you spot the habitat?

 Great Blue Heron nests

Can you spot the animal?

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