Wednesday, June 13, 2018

SWAMPED! and a special guest...

On Thursday, May 31, our class, along with Mrs. Boland & Ms. Groner's classes, presented the musical SWAMPED to our parents and families!  Students worked so hard to learn the songs, movements, and their lines.  We were so happy to see all of the families and friends who joined in our classroom following the performance to celebrate our students and their hard work in Kindergarten this year!  Thank you for always supporting our students and our class! 



Earlier that morning, we had a special visitor!  T brought his pet, a spotted gecko named Rocky, to show the class.  We saw several lizards on our field trip to Lake Conestee Nature Park in April, which T and his dad were able to tell us about since they were familiar with that type of animal.  T told us about his own pet, and we were happy to be able to extend out learning!  T taught us about what lizards eat, explained his shelter, and students were able to 'hold' Rocky (or let Rocky rest on their shoulder) by choice.  It was a very exciting visit!  Thank you, T!


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