Monday, November 12, 2018


On Thursday, November 11 we took a community field trip around Greer!  We had a great time exploring as we were introduced to goods and services (which we will revisit later this year) and learned more about our community helpers.  We began our day at Ingles!  We had a delicious sample of whipped cream from Starbucks and set off on a tour of the store.  We visited the floral area, bakery, produce, and fresh food area before exploring the various departments.  Ms. Cindy taught us about bar codes and how she uses them  to order more food as needed.  We got to see the meat department weigh turkeys and package ground beef and visited the "can tab" aisle with all the many kids of soft drinks (and can tabs!).  Next we got to go 'behind the scenes' to see inventory, the coolers, and saw how the machine bales boxes together to be recycled!  We were treated to a complimentary re-usable shopping bag on our way out.  It was a great experience and a wonderful place to shop!

Next we traveled to Greer City Park!  We had a fun fall picnic lunch and enjoyed the amazing playground!  After lunch, we walked to the Greer Fire Department.  Greer Police helped us cross the street and it felt like a mini parade just for us!  During our visit to the Fire Department, we learned about "Stop, Drop, and Roll" and got to see and hear a fireman in his turnout gear.  We learned how his gear keeps him safe, and if we hear that wheezing sound, that is the air mask (which means they are close by to help save us!).  The firemen also gave us our very own fire hats!  They took us on a tour of the station, we saw their living area and the fire pole!  They showed us how to slide down, but said we had to go to the fire academy if we wanted to try it.  After we finished, we got to climb in a real fire truck! 

Last we went over to the police station.  We were presented with our very own sticker badges and walked around to see the offices.  Police officers have to do a lot of paperwork.  We got to take our picture with the 2 police officers and their patrol car when we finished!

After a little down time, the bus picked us up and we ended our day with a popsicle to celebrate our great day! 

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