Saturday, December 22, 2018

Merry Christmas to all.... and to all a good break!

December was short, but sweet, in Room 004!  Students loved daily adventures with Peppermint!  He was all around the room, with several outfit changes, and gave students a lot to write about in their daily Elf Journal!  They also looked forward to finding notes from Peppermint each day as he complimented students in our room. 

Students loved working towards their reading stamina this month!  Each child has a box of "just right" books that they can read on their own.  We worked up to reading independently as a class for 11 minutes!  Encourage your student to show you how they can read independently at home.  If you don't have books they can read alone, let them choose any familiar book and they can read using the pictures or they can retell the story.  Sometimes we even had a fire and instrumental Christmas music to help us relax! 

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to support and cheer on our Greer High Yellow Jackets as they headed to the state football championship game!  Their buses drove by CCE after they left Greer High and our entire school was outside cheering them on!  We streamed the game during our center time & snack time.  Students enjoyed watching, and cheering, while they worked, especially since we had a big brother from our class and a teacher from our school with the team! 

On Wednesday, December 19th, we held our 2nd Annual K5 Gingerbread Day!  Each student in K5 had the opportunity to create their very own Gingerbread House!  It was a creative and enthusiastic event that was enjoyed by all.  Peppermint got in on the fun with an apron of his own!  Thank you for sending in supplies and toppings to make this event possible!  :)

On Thursday, December 20th, CCE celebrated winter with Nutcracker Day!  Teachers and students had a pajama day.  Our day began with a Reader's Theater play presented by our non-homeroom teachers, we did fun holiday work stations, we watched the Nutcracker cartoon movie, and had a treat walk through the halls of CCE!  It was a fun and magical day. 



On Friday, December 21st we worked on following directions by doing a directed drawing of the Nutcracker, we read the Nutcracker book, did one last Elf Journal entry, and played review games while we took turns decorating Christmas cookies for an early snack!  If you plan to do any cooking or baking over Christmas, consider letting your student help you!  It is great fine motor skill practice, shows the importance of following directions, and teaches patience.  It was amazing to see how intently they decorated their cookie creations and had a plan to make them just right. :)

Mrs. Best and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday, January 7th!  I hope you enjoy this special time with your family!  Happy Holidays from Room 004!


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